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Frequently Asked Questions

Houses vary in size so the best thing to do is contact paintonce for a quotation.

All quotes are free. No mess, no fuss!

Andura are the largest manufacturers of long life textured coatings in Europe, with an excellent track record in large commercial projects and home improvements. Established in 1985, Andura manufacture a wide range of products for the protection and decoration of building surfaces. The coatings comprise of textured, smooth and clear coatings for walls, roof coatings and additional specialised products. We generally use the CLASSIC 21 paint range as it is the best for exterior painting.

Due to the specialist nature of many of the Andura Products, they are not available direct to the general public but are supplied via Andura’s associated installation companies which have shown stability, integrity and a total commitment to quality workmanship.

Thanks to the quality of the paint we use, after just one coat your house will be protected for over 15 years.

Our crew will take care of any preparation required before painting. You won’t have to clean or purchase anything for the paint job. We are equipped with everything we need to beautify your property.

The paint we use is 20 times thicker than conventional exterior paints. One coat is all that is needed to protect your house from the elements.

House painting is best done during a prolonged period of dry weather. That said, 48 hours would be a sufficient depending on the size of the house. Painting your house can be done any time of the year. Check the weather forecast for your area for dry/sunny spells.

Interestingly enough, as long as the weather is dry, paint can be applied. We can paint houses in temperatures as low as 4 degrees without any negative effect to the work done.

The Classic 21 wall coating is a high build, oil based, polyester resin coating; specifically formulated to provide excellent water resistance, outstanding durability, low maintenance and long life.

Without a doubt, we will guarantee your painted finish for 15 years. Our crew has been specially trained to apply all coatings with 110% due care and attention.

No job is too big or small for us. We are happy to provide free quotes and any advice you need.

Roofgard roof coating has been tried and tested against alternative products and without fail Roofgard came out on top every time.

Roofgard is exceptionally durable and will perform well, with good colour stability for more than 10 years.

There are many reasons for choosing Roofgard. Check out our Wall Coating section for more details.

You can contact us by phoning one of the numbers at the top of this page or through our contact us section on the website.

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